New Rules for Blogging

  • Write the idea as soon as you have it.
  • Publish first, organize later.
  • No tracking.

Sharing > Being Useful

I’m an overthinker and a perfectionist. I rewrite and reword sentences to death. I rerecord music until the sounds blend together.

I need constraints.

I’m a poet and a pragmatist. I dream one moment and question what use it is the next.

“You Americans! Always trying to find a use for something.”1

Restricting vs Releasing

Some rules work, some don’t.

Trying to focus on useful things stifles me. I know that now.2

Instead, I do better when I follow my interests in the moment. If I explore and keep notes along the way, I can summarize what I found at the end and keep moving.

“What do you care what other people think?”

So these are my new rules.

Write. Share. Repeat.

Share what’s on your mind. Share what you’ve learned. Share what you find interesting.

Stop looking over your shoulder to see who’s watching. No more Google Analytics. No more Amazon Affiliates. Just you, Tanner.

Just me.



Open Graph image by unsplash-logoTolga Ahmetler