Setbacks are normal.

Flex when they happen. Breathe in and adjust.

Every change makes an opportunity, so watch for them. Take them when they show up.

You may find yourself taking a wrong turn that ends you up in the right place…

Wrong Turn, Right Place

I was driving to meet some friends when Google Maps gave me a wrong direction. Listening to the voice navigation, they said to take the exit for 485 North—they really meant 485 South.

So I took the exit, checked the map, and raged over my wasted time.

Five minutes down the road, I took the next exit and turned around.

Then my wife called.

She’d stayed behind when I left because we couldn’t find a sitter that night. But her mom just called saying she could take the kids.

“Can you come back to get me?”

Of course.

That wrong turn took me right back by the house. So she hopped in the car and we drove off to enjoy the night together.

Not all setbacks are problems.

Sometimes that wrong turn gets you back where you need to be.

P.S. Slow Down

Funny coincidence, this song kicked on just before Brianne called me. Now I’ve got it on repeat: “Slow Down” by Nahko And Medicine For The People.


Open Graph image by unsplash-logoEd 259