Slow Going

Long-form is hard.

I like writing short, punchy ideas. They’re fun and easy for me. I just type the words that are already floating around in my head.

But trying to catch words for a larger idea—to force the idea ahead of its time—that’s hard. It takes deliberate time to carve those out.

Granted, I’ve spent time focusing on other things (like adding offline caching, improving my performance score, and fixing some fun viewport unit bugs), but I still feel like I should have something to show for my other unfinished projects…

But ideas take forever.

Here’s a quick status update on where I’m at:

  • Domain-Driven Design: Still condensing chapters, figuring out what I really want to say.
  • CSS Naming Conventions: Need to merge and rework my transcripts into an article.

I’ve got a couple of projects & presentations I’m wrapping up for work now, but hopefully once I get those at of the way I’ll get back in the swing of things.

Til then. ✌️


Open Graph image by unsplash-logoWolfgang Hasselmann