Write It Like You Say It

Most of us don’t speak out loud when we type. If we did, our texts would sound a lot different.

Why is it so hard?

The same reason we’re not all ambidextrous.

Different Hands

You rarely use your opposite hand, so it’s harder to write with.

You probably don’t do a lot of public speaking either, so you sound different when you’re in front of a camera, or speaking into a microphone.

But it’s worth practicing.

The more you sound like you, the better people will understand.

Say What You’re Typing

We humans have a genius for spoken language…

When people are talking, they naturally discover differences in interpretation and the meaning of their words, and they naturally resolve those differences. They find rough spots in the language and smooth them out.1


You’ll hear when you say it wrong.

I did writing this.

Take those changes back to the keyboard and smooth out your rough spots.


  1. Domain-Driven Design by Eric Evans 


Open Graph image by unsplash-logoBrooke Cagle